IF Group Joining The Big Sleep Out, Bristol

Big Sleep Out Bristol

IF Group Bristol will be spending the night of Friday 27th February 2015 sleeping rough on the streets of Bristol. We’re taking part in the 3rd Big Sleep Out event to raise awareness about homelessness and highlight the problems that people without a home suffer from.

The Big Sleep Out, Bristol is supported by several organisations that provide services for homeless and vulnerable people. 150 people will spend the night sleeping on the platform at Bristol Temple Meads station.

There are various other locations around Bristol and IF Group will publish more information about the Bristol Big Sleep Out. Homelessness can further harm people suffering from substance misuse and addiction and mental health problems. Homeless people are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide and 79% of homeless people have to go to NHS A&E because they cannot get a GP without an address.

IF Group works to help improve service provision to homeless people that have multiple needs and are proud to be taking part in The Big Sleep-Out, Bristol. Several members of our executive team will take to the streets of Bristol to gain lived experience of sleeping rough.