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World Mental Health Day 2015 – An IF Group Bristol View

Mental Health Illness World Mental Health Day

It is the year 2015 and this week marks World Mental Health Day. Approximately 25% of people on Earth are now struggling with mental health illness. That’s a staggering two billion souls, struggling with the thoughts in their heads at a level deemed medically unwell. Here in Bristol, that equates to 110,000 people. Yet in a leading technologically enhanced nation such as the UK, I would suggest the number of people suffering from poor mental health is higher, and growing fasterRead More …

If Group Bristol attending Fulfilling Lives York Conference

IF Group Bristol at UK Fulfilling Lives event in York

Wow! The Fulfilling Lives meeting in York shows exactly how big the project/programme around the Golden Key project is across the United Kingdom. Over seventy-four people are attending – and these are just the representatives of each local group from the 12 regions involved in the project. All of us have just one thing in mind: Change! There is an atmosphere of caring and sharing in the room, we all know how important the work we are doing is. It effects theRead More …

Heart-Warming Homeless Awareness on Woolly Hat Day

Woolly Hat Day 2015

IF Group were proud to support Woolly Hat Day this year – which took place on Friday 30th January 2015. This was the 5th Annual woolly Hat Day, raising awareness about homelessness and raising money to help charities such as our Bristol Golden Key partner, St. Mungo’s Broadway. St. Mungo’s provides shelter and overnight accommodation for more than 2000 homeless people and managed to raise over £34,000 through the 2014 event. IF Group Bristol is working to find new innovativeRead More …