Substance Misuse, Addiction and Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Addiction RecoveryIF Group works with Bristol support services that provide care for drug and alcohol addicts and people trying to rebuild their lives after active addiction.

IF Group advocate that the individual should be at the centre of their own recovery journey. We believe in empowering the individual to find innovative and alternative solutions to their problematic behaviour. Often, someone with substance misuse issues will fall into the category of multiple needs, suffering from mental health, homelessness and a history of offending behaviour. There is no set rule as to whether substance misuse is a cause or an effect of other areas where the person needs services to help them.

We work in partnership with the Golden Key network of providers. BDP (Bristol Drugs Project) and DHI are (Developing Health and Independence) are two of the main partners we work alongside amongst other service providers.

Harm minimisation, Twelve step recovery, SMART are some of the established support networks available – but we keep abreast of many of the new cutting-edge alternatives such as Domino project and many others bespoke services.