How to get funding for rehab

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There are a lot of myths around treatment and how to get funding for rehab. Not much is known about how much they cost, how to actually get inside and how to get funding for rehab in Bristol and the South West.

I’ve been inside one rehab centre and it’s no picnic. Drug rehab and addiction treatment centres are not an easy cure for drug addiction. However I’m still clean and sober and have been so for 2.75 years. That’s 1,002 days, or 24,052 hours of sobriety. And I probably wouldn’t have done this without rehab being part of my journey.

Ways to get funding for rehab and types of treatment centres

There are a few ways to get funding for rehab if you are desperate enough and really want to turn your life around. One is to do what I did and cling on in there like a resilient little crab to whatever service you are attached to until they give up and give you the treatment you ask for at a known rehab centre.

Before doing that though, I would decide if treatment is really what you do want. Do your research. Find out where the celebrities go (kidding). But do find out what treatment ACTUALLY IS. Clue, it’s not a day spa. You will be expected to tell strangers awful, embarrassing episodes from your life, and that’s sober. Let me make this very clear. This whole time you are SOBER.

There are also different types of treatment centres and they vary in how to get funding for rehab. 12 Step, Theraputic, CBT based, etc. And also different requirements to get in. Some need you to be clean from everything before they will accept you, meaning you’ll have to get funding for a detox as well, or even detox in the community first…eeek!

Whichever one you choose you will end up with random people telling you very uncomfortable truths about yourself. Every day. For up to five months at a time. You also get to tell them a few things too, which can be fun, but the overall setting is one of HARD EMOTIONAL TOIL.

Three typical ways people get funding for rehab

As for getting funding for rehab. People usually do it in three ways:

  1. They or their family pays.
  2. The local authority pays
  3. Some deal is brokered with a specific treatment centre who may have last minute charity beds.

If you want funding for rehab or a treatment centre to by paid for by your Council you need to show them you are ready and that the money they invest in your funding for treatment is likely to yield ‘a return on investment’ i.e. that it’s likely to work and you will put in the effort to continue your recovery afterwards.

You need to show up for every appointment, you need show that to have tried other ways to get better, you need to be sure that you know what rehab entails and what you are going to do afterwards. If you are scripted you probably need to be reducing and not using additional drugs on top. If you are really really sick you might get in faster but it can take a long time. I waited years.

The cost of rehab treatment centres

This is because the cost of treatment for substance misuse and drug addiction is astronomical. It usually costs £700-£1000 per week. So a stay in a treatment centre can cost you, your parents or your local council £24,000 for a two week detox followed by a five month treatment stay. This is why funding for rehab is so scarce and why people have to work for it.

AddictionTo put it into context, £24,000 would pay for a drugs worker for a year. And you know what? You might not stay the course. You might stay a day then leave and use, hell you might do six months, then leave and use. But I know plenty of people who stuck it out and who are clean and sober today as a result of that funding for rehab that was invested in their recovery.

And think about the cost of untreated addiction to services like probation, prison, courts, hospitals, hostels, therapists, needle exchanges. Not to mention the financial and mental strain addiction puts on family and friends close to you. It’s also astronomical. Not to mention the emotional cost to families, friends, or the lost skills and hours of work to employers. It’s not easy mathematics working out the true cost of funding for rehab. It’s not easy to say what a chance at a sober life is worth.

For more information about how to get funding for treatment and Bristol services, you can contact Bristol Specialist Drug and Alcohol Service (BSDAS) on 0117 923 2077. They have specific info and advice sessions at Colston Fort free of charge. You can also try Bristol Drugs Project on 0117 987 6000 who have rehab drop-ins at Brunswick Square every other Wednesday.

Whilst getting funding for rehab and treatment centres is hard, it can be the most important chance you get to break a cycle of addiction and turn your life around. The first step is often the hardest, but they get easier when you’re free from drugs and addiction.