IF Group Interview and Information requests

IF Group Interview requestsIndependent Futures Group is made up of people with lived experience of mental health issues, substance misuse, homelessness and offending behaviour. Everyone in the group has relied on services to help them and some still do. For that reason, IF Group is able to speak about the issues from the view point of people relying on the system.

As the ‘lived experience’ partner in the Bristol Golden Key project, we also work with service providers to help them understand the needs of their service users and how to improve services for people with multiple needs (complex needs).

For Journalists and reporters

IF Group members have experience of talking to journalists and reporters for written pieces, radio interviews (both pre-recorded and live) and television interviews.

For IF Group interview requests with members of IF Group for comment or interviews about homelessness, mental health, offending behaviour and the criminal justice system or substance misuse and addiction, please email hello@ifgroup.org.uk.

IF Group Bristol is always keen to provide comment, lived experience, understanding and context to any story relating to homelessness, mental health issues, offending behaviour and substance misuse. We are also happy to provide background information for stories and provide insight for journalists covering these fields.

Members are able to talk about how services can improve for people with multiple and complex needs and about individual services, service user needs, service user engagement and where there are gaps in service delivery that need to be filled.

Recent media IF Group interviews

IF Group interview s have featured on some of Bristol’s leading media outlets.

IF group members have given interviews on BBC Radio Bristol in 2015.

We have also recently been featured in Bristol Cable.