IF Group to tell lived experience stories through audioBoom

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Audio Boom is a new social media app that allows users to listen to, record and share audio content on social media. For the IF Group, we intend to harness its growing power to tell the “lived experience” stories of people using servies to deal with issues of homelessness, mental health problems, offending behaviour and drug and alcohol addiction recovery on social media.

AudioBoom describes itself as “radio reinvented”. The service has grown spectacularly and allows content to be shared using far less data, meaning faster download time, than video content such as YouTube and Vimeo videos. This has obvious benefits for organisations such as IF Group, where many people still struggle to uncover themselves from labels attached to their issues. Whilst many want to tell their story and help to influence system change in service delivery in Bristol and throughout the United Kingdom, they do not want to appear on camera for fear of future opportunities being lost because of the situation they are in today.

Through audioBoom, IF Group Bristol can help them put their stories in the public domain, share experiences of how social support and social care works, where it needs strengthening, and most importantly, where it lets people down and needs redressing.

Everyone at IF Group is passionate about bringing about system change. System Change means highlighting the problems in the current social support system and changing it, not to make financial savings and faster processes, but to ensure the system catches and supports those who need it from the time they are introduced to care, until they are fully functioning members of s

IF Group would like to thank Sound Delivery and the Social Media Exchange 2015 Conference from helping to shape our vision of how to use audioBoom and other new social media platforms to help our clients tell their story, raise awareness of IF Group so we can be the story and work for system change across the UK until that is the story.

homeless services BristolDo you want your story heard?

Have you experienced the hardships of homelessness, mental health problems, the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction or trying to get past offending behaviour issues? Has your life been impacted by them because you or someone close to you suffers? IF the answer is yes, then IF Group would like to hear from you, in confidence and respectfully. Your story can help us make system change happen and help people just like you. We want to ensure people get the right help that they need at the time they need it and until they are ready to move on from care.

EMAIL US and we’ll help you tell your story of lived experience of using services in Bristol. We will maintain your anonymity and ensure your voice helps to achieve system change, improving service provision and helping improve the lives of our most vulnerable. Contact hello@ifgroup.org.uk now.

About audioBoom

The audioBoom platform allows our partners and ordinary users to bring their content to millions of listeners worldwide via our site, embeddable players, mobile applications, Facebook & Twitter. It works with some of the biggest names in sports and media, such as the NFL, the Premier League, and major broadcasters such as Sky and BBC but it provides a voice for every person with access to a smart phone to be heard. At IF Group, we are looking to harness that technology to promote change in society and system change in support services where it is needed.