Mental Health Support Services

Mental Health Support Services BristolIF Group works with partner organisations to look at and improve mental health support services in Bristol and Avon. We also work with organisations throughout the United Kingdom to share ideas and develop a better understanding of how mental health support services can improve the lives of service users.

IF Group are representatives on the BIMHN (Bristol Independent Mental Health Network) and the MHP (Mental Health Partnership) in the Bristol area. We keep abreast of local mental health issues, changes in services and challenges.

AWP –(Avon and Wiltshire NHS partnership) are the main providers for statutory mental health services. We are connected with Missing Link, the crisis houses and other MH services in the Bristol area.

As a part of a wider network of advisory groups across the UK (NECG – National Expert Citizens Group), we share our combined experience and knowledge to help shape systems from the root upwards. In London, some of our peers have helped with the changes going through parliament today. Our aim is to play a leading role in system change for mental health services, taking into consideration multiple needs and additional issues that affect the ability of mental health services to have a lasting and meaningful effect on service users.