Offending Behaviour & Restorative Justice

ex-offender BristolIF Group works with partner organisations to improve support for people with a history of offending behaviour and restorative justice. Our hope is to find better ways for these people to re-integrate with society and overcome obstacles to social acceptance.

IF Group works alongside Bristol services to ensure that best practise takes place. Placing the needs of the individual caught up in offending behaviour patterns at the centre of the solution change.

We are advocates for “restorative justice“, a process by which people with a history of offending behaviour the chance to take responsibility for the effects, consequences and long term ramifications that their behaviour has caused. It empowers victims by giving them a voice and having the opportunity (where wanted) to talk to the perpetrator of a crime.

We believe that IF Group can use our lived experience of prisons, probation and criminal justice to help shape better services.

Prisons are overcrowded and are clearly not the solution for helping to change behavioural problems. 82 prisoners took their own life in 2014.

“We imprison far too many people in this country. Women offenders in particular are far less likely to represent any danger to the public, and locking them up is far more likely to cause harm to their families – possibly including increasing the likelihood of their children going on to offend.”

We read quotes like this daily and hope to find alternative ways to help services to creatively inspire individuals to break their destructive patterns of offending behaviour.