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Telling Your Story Once

Complex needs is a tricky area to understand, compartmentalise and treat.  Address one area, and the other may come to the surface.  Aggravated and in need of attention.  Put down the drugs and if not treated, the mind can go.  Usually, it is true to say that when support gets offered in one area, the others follow suit.  But the existing system is not set up to address them all together. That’s why IF Group Bristol are getting involved inRead More …

IF Group Roving Reporters

IF Group Bristol News

After our latest IF Group main meeting it was identified that we needed to be documenting stories from the Frontline. Real life real time stories of what is happening in Bristol. We see many people and we all hear complaints and snippets of how people are progressing with their recovery path’s Jason and Jamal were voted in as our new Roving reporters. They will be going out and interviewing, recording on AudioBoom and taking pictures of people they talk toRead More …

IF Group to tell lived experience stories through audioBoom

audioBoom IF Group Bristol Live Exeperience Story Telling

Audio Boom is a new social media app that allows users to listen to, record and share audio content on social media. For the IF Group, we intend to harness its growing power to tell the “lived experience” stories of people using servies to deal with issues of homelessness, mental health problems, offending behaviour and drug and alcohol addiction recovery on social media. AudioBoom describes itself as “radio reinvented”. The service has grown spectacularly and allows content to be sharedRead More …